Creative Clay Kit

Beads and Badges

Thanks for buying our beads and badges creative clay kit.

This kit includes:

1kg Clay

1m antique brown leather thong

1m black rat tail thong

2 badge backs

Set of acrylic paints


Pottery tools

Small wooden round stick


You will need: superglue

We also have YouTube video to compliment this pack. Please look at Muddy Fingers Pottery channel for the how to: beads and badge video.

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Health and safety notes:

Please supervise small children with these packs as there may be small pieces or pointed tools.

The Clay we use is by Scola. It’s non toxic and safe for all ages.

Their website is where you can find the data sheets if necessary.


    Take a small amount of clay in your hand. Enough for the size bead you want to make.

    Roll the clay in the palms of your hands to make a ball shape.

    Push the wooden stick through the centre of the ball and wiggle it around to make the right size hole for the size of thong you are going to use.

    Tidy up any ‘blow outs’ where the stick went through the clay. Just use fingers to smooth out.

    Pattern your bead with the pottery tools provided.

    Use the stick again to make sure the holes are still ok and the right size for your thong.

    Experiment with different size and shapes of beads. You could try cube shapes or cylinders?

    Leave to dry for a few days. The Clay will go hard and a lighter colour too.

    Then use the acrylic paints and paintbrush provided to paint designs and patterns on your beads. Paint them all over and when they’re dry you can thread them onto your leather.

    You can tie just a simple knot or  watch our video on how to do a slip knot.

Pendants or badges

    Roll a small ball of clay in the palms of your hands.

    Gently push it down on the table to start flattening it out.

    Keep smoothing the edges if they start to show cracking.

    Pattern your clay with a pencil or tools in whatever design you want. You can use naturally found materials like the underside of leaves and pine cones or even try bits of lace ribbon to push a pattern in.

    Push your wooden stick through the clay at the top where it will hang from your pendant or do not put a hole in of you are going to use it as a badge.

    Tidy the clay up so it’s nice and smooth everywhere.

    Wait til it’s dry then paint using the acrylics and paintbrush included.

    When it’s thoroughly dry you can thread it onto the thong as a pendant or use superglue to stick the badge back onto it.

Notes for using air dry clay:

Cracks can be smoothed over with your fingers or a tiny bit of water on a paintbrush.

You can recycle the clay if it goes too hard by mixing it with water.

Check out our YouTube video on this.

Please keep the clay wrapped airtight in plastic bag when not using and this will stop it from drying out.

Any questions contact us on