Making With air drying clay basics:


·         When not using clay wrap tightly in plastic bag or sealable box to stop the clay drying out and being unusable.

·         Clean tools and surfaces with water and soap as usual, clay will wash out of clothes.

·         Clean up any dust with water.

·         Joining clay together. To join clay, score both surfaces to be joined, mix some water and clay together to form a clay/water paste. This is known as slurry, slip, or goo as I call it. Put some goo on one of the pieces where scored and press to the other scored side. Goo should ooze out, and be cleaned up with a soft brush and water.

·         Keep tools clean as they get clogged with clay and don’t leave clean marks when used.

·         Clay is best dried slowly, leave out to dry but not on a radiator or heat source, as cracking may occur. This is due to the out of the clay drying before the inner clay dries. Drying may take 24 hours or for larger models days to dry.

·         Leave clay to dry completely before painting with acrylics provided. Best results if layers of paint can dry between coats.

·         Clay can be glued after drying, or after painting. For joining clay to clay pva should work fine. If you are joining clay to metal or glass use a suitable glue for that and follow their instructions on the tubs. Super glue, epoxy glues, hot glue gun etc.


 Trouble shooting

·          Cracks in the clay? Cracks appear because the clay is too dry when being worked. You can add a little water to a brush and smooth over some cracks to eliminate them or even a wet finger. Don’t add too much water or the model may become soggy and too sticky.

·         Unfinished work? Just wrap inside a plastic bag or sealable box to keep clay moldable, if it is too dry try spaying with water, just a little. Work can be kept like this for quite some time days, weeks, months, as long as it doesn’t get too dry.

·         Clay stuck to the table? Use paper or cling film to stop wet clay sticking where you don’t want to.

·         Clay too dry to work? Try adding a little water and leaving in a sealed container overnight, and re kneading to work the water into the clay.