Creative Clay Kit

Creative creatures and game making Kit


Basic notes for using air drying clay:

Cracks can be smoothed over with your fingers or a tiny bit of water on a paintbrush.

You can recycle the clay if it goes too hard by mixing it with water.

Check out our YouTube video on this.

Please keep the clay wrapped airtight in plastic bag when not using and this will stop it from drying out.

Any questions contact us on the methods above.




1kg Clay

1x acrylic paint set

1x Brush

1x Pottery Tool set

6x wooden sticks

Selection of googley eyes

5x dice


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Health and safety notes:

Please do not leave lighted tea lights or incense unattended

The Clay we use is by Scola. It’s non toxic and safe for all ages.

Their website is where you can find the data sheets if necessary. Please supervise small children with these packs as they contain small parts.



Instructions for small creatures, plant pot gnomes, or game tokens:

·         Take small amount soft wet clay and roll into a ball and shape into a head shape, adding details with the pottery tools, such as hair, eyes, ears, horns, etc.

·         Take a larger piece for the body and shape into desired form, long and tall, wide and muscular. Then stick the head to the body using a small amount of water, and wiggling the two pieces together until bonded.

·         Add small sausages, flattened balls, cone shapes, for arms, legs, horns, wings, spines, teeth, hair, hats, etc.

·         When you have completed the creatures, leave to dry in a sunny place until completely dry before painting with the acrylic paints. Googley eyes have sticky backs to peel off and stick, you can also use glue or a little paint .

·         If your model is for a plant pot decoration cut the sticks supplied in half to stick up the bottom of your creation, so it looks like a lollypop, this can be used to stop it falling out of the pot.

·         Your model may be used for gaming, create your own game by designing games on paper. Don’t forget to write rules! And use the dice provided for scoring, moving, who gets the highest/lowest, double scores, runs of three, etc.

·         If you need any inspiration google “printable game boards”