Creative Clay Kit

Tealight and incense relax kit

Thanks for buying our relax creative clay kit.

This kit includes:

1kg Clay

6 tea lights 

Box of incense cones 

Set of acrylic paints


Pottery tools 

Needle tool 


Please note: depending on sizes of your pots, you should be able to get two of these projects out of the clay provided. 

If you want to scale down the house template please do but do leave plenty of room for the flame to stay alive.

You will need: rolling pin, tea towel

We also have YouTube video to compliment this pack. Please look at Muddy Fingers Pottery channel for the how to: beads and badge video.

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Health and safety notes:

Please do not leave lighted tea lights or incense unattended

The Clay we use is by Scola. It’s non toxic and safe for all ages.

Their website is where you can find the data sheets if necessary.

Instructions for tealight house:

    Cut out the paper templates, you will be cutting two of each from a slab of clay.

    Flatten out the clay by using the heel of your hand and flipping it over every so often.

    When it gets to a couple of cms  thick, roll it with a rolling pin (or similar) keeping it flipped every time you roll so it’s turned 90 degrees and flipped horizontally.

    When it gets to about 6mm thick, place your templates on the slab and cut them out being sparing with the clay as we want to have a good size bit clay left to make the base with.

    Pattern the roof pieces with the half circle shaped tool or with small pieces of clay as in our video.

    We are going to put the sides together first so cut the edges at a 45 degree angle to the table so they fit snugly together when stood up.

    If your clay is still a bit soft, leave it to dry for an hour or so or give it an even, quick blast with a hair dryer.

    Cut out an opening from the back panel to get your tea lights in and out.

    Then mark where you want the windows to be on the front panel and cut them out with the needle tool. Tiny rough edges with your fingertip.

    Cross hatch with a sharp tool or pencil down the sides you want to stick together and put slip on one.

    Push them together with one still lying on the table for support.

    Then add the 3rd side the same way, followed by the back panel.

    Blend across the joins so you can’t see the lines anymore.

    Attach the top of the roof the same way so it forms a triangle shape.

    Then crosshatch along the top of the house and underneath the roof where it will meet the walls. Slip on the top of the house then lower the roof gently onto it and start to press it on so it gets a grip.

    Use your paintbrush to tidy up any slip that’s squirted out the join.

    Use the spare slab of clay to make a base. Stand your house on top of it and cut around it to whatever shape you want. This will be a freestanding base and not attached to the house. You can make flowers etc to attach to it too.

    If you want a base that fits the house and is attached, draw around your house then take it off the slab.

    Cross hatch on the inside of this line and crosshatch under the house. Slip on one side and then press the house down onto the base. Cut about 2mm around the house and discard the excess.

    Blend the base up the side of the house so you can’t see the join anymore.

    After a week or so, the house will be ready to paint with the acrylic paints in your pack.

    Do not paint the inside as it will get hot and the paint may bubble.

    Please be aware that the house will get hot especially around the top so do exercise caution when handling it.

Instructions for cat tealight/incense holder • Use about a quarter of the amount of clay. 

    Flatten out the clay by using the heel of your hand and flipping it over every so often.

    When it gets to a couple of cms  thick, roll it with a rolling pin (or similar) keeping it flipped every time you roll so it’s turned 90 degrees and flipped horizontally.

    Cut out a circle that’s slightly bigger than the size you want your bowl to be.

    Cover the inside or outside (depending on size and shape) of a small bowl that you have in your cupboards with cling film.

    Lay the slab over/ in the bowl and very slowly and gently get the slab to follow the curve of the bowl.

    Leave to dry for a little bit until it keeps its shape.

    Take it out and tidy up the edge of the bowl using thumb and fingertip with a tiny bit of water if need be.

    Roll 4 even sized sausages to make the legs.

    Roll 4 balls to make the feet

    Pattern the feet so it looks like toes/claws then attach them to the legs using crosshatching and slip method.

    Flip the bowl onto its rim and smooth out the clay.

    Attach the legs evenly spaced out using the crosshatching and slip method.

    Cut two small flat triangles and attach them as ears in the appropriate place on the rim of the pot.

    Tidy any joins by getting rid of excess slip with a paintbrush.

    Draw eyes, cat features below the ears.

    Let the pot dry for a week or so then you can paint it with acrylic paint.

    Please note, the bowl may get hot when in use so use caution touching it.

Instructions for mushroom incense holder

    Take about a fifth of the block of clay and pat  into a smooth ball.

    Make a pinch pot bowl by pushing your thumb into the ball, then pinching between fingers and thumb evenly all the way round. There’s a video on you tube for this.

    Smooth the outside of the bowl and use tools to pattern it. 

    Push a pencil through the bowl where you want the chimney to go.

    Then cut a tiny oblong slab of clay and make it into a cylinder by crosshatching the edges you’re going to attach.

    Crosshatch the bottom of the chimney and around the hole in your bowl the attach with slip. • Tidy up with a brush.

    For the stem of your mushroom you need to flatten out about a quarter of the clay so it’s a slab about 6 mm thick.

    Using a paper template oblong shape whatever size you want your stem to be, cut out the shape and join edges together as per the chimney.

    Blend the edges so that you can’t see the join anymore by blending across the join then tidying up with your finger.

    Cut darts (upside down triangles) in the top of your cylinder and push them together and blend. This will give you stem a curved organic shape at the top.

    Cut in a hole for the incense cone to sit in and tidy with fingers.

    Using the crosshatch and slip method, attach the mushroom top to the stem. 

    Tidy up with a damp paintbrush 

    After a week or so you’ll be able to paint your holder with the acrylic paints provided.

    When you use it, please make sure your cones sit on the small ceramic piece that is included in the box of cones as if you put the cone straight onto a surface it will burn or mark it. 

    Please be aware that the mushroom may be hot during and straight after use.

Notes for using air dry clay:

Cracks can be smoothed over with your fingers or a tiny bit of water on a paintbrush.

You can recycle the clay if it goes too hard by mixing it with water.

Check out our YouTube video on this.

Please keep the clay wrapped airtight in plastic bag when not using and this will stop it from drying out.

Any questions contact us on the methods above.